Switching the blog and language

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On Monday a new blog system called Ghost was released to the public while being in a closed testing phase for several months after it was successfully backed on Kickstarter. I’ve immediately tried the first public version and was very impressed. It’s fast, clean and simple and has Markdown support out of the box unlike Wordpress which was kind of overloaded in my opinion. That motivated me to try it out on my Jiffybox. It went quite smooth so I decided to migrate my old Octopress blog posts and use Ghost as my blogging platform. I know that it still is heavily under development but big bugs haven’t come up so far. (at least for me) So you may have noticed the two blog posts from 2012 which are written in german. Today I also deciced to switch the language of new posts to English while leaving the old posts untouched. That allows me to improve my English skills as I am not going to school anymore and therefore I am rather out of practice because I currently only read English texts and not writing challenging essays anymore. Another reason is that I already have some drafts laying on my drive which are written in English. So my next tasks are to finish them and then hammer them into that neat little Ghost. ;)